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Dettol Multi Purpose Cleaner Lemon Burst Trigger 500ml X 6 units.

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Product Description:

NEW Dettol Healthy Clean Multipurpose Cleaner – clean the dirt you can see and the germs you can’t. It is specially formulated to power through grease, grime and soap scum. Surface Spray Disinfectant - Household Grade.
Dettol Healthy Clean products help you keep a clean and hygienic home where your family can grow and thrive. Our products provide easy everyday cleaning and help protect your home by killing 99.9% of germs (E colt and Staphylococcus aureus). Dettol Healthy Clean Kitchen formula penetrates and cuts through tough grease and grime to help keep your kitchen surfaces clean and hygienic with a fresh fragrance.

Suitable for use on:

  •  Kitchen work surfaces.
  •  Cooker tops.
  •  Glass surfaces.
  •  Draining board.
  •  Bins

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